The RadioMaster Zorro is now available for pre-order on our website. This new heroic gamepad style transmitter comes in a compact form factor with lots of awesome features and is produced by the leading rc transmitter brand RadioMasterRC.

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All pre-orders will be shipped out during February 2022. We use a first come, first served list.

We offer multiple versions of the RadioMaster Zorro in our store. You can choose between the classic 4-in-1 or CC2500 version of the RadioMaster Zorro or try the ExpressLRS (ELRS) version.

Scroll down below for more information regarding the different versions.

RadioMaster Zorro: multiple RF versions

4-in-1 version

The 4-in-1 version uses an internal 4-in-1 multimodule as RF option. The 4-in-1 multimodule uses 4 different Remote Frequency chips – a CC2500, CYRF6936, A7105 & NRF24L01 chip – on one PCB and is running the OpenSource Multi-Module project firmware.

The 4-in-1 version is capable of binding to lots of different receivers (protocols) that are already on the market. The most famous protocols are FrSky ACCST (V1/V2), FlySky AFHDS2A, DSM/DSM X, HoTT, Futaba/SFHSS, Devo and Corona. For the full list check out

CC2500 version

The CC2500 version is also running the OpenSource Multi-Module project firmware, but only consists of a CC2500 RF chip. This version can bind mainly to FrSky protocols (except ACCESS) and to the Futaba SFHSS protocol. Also some more less used protocols are supported.

ExpressLRS (ELRS) version

The ExpressLRS version features a built-in ExpressLRS RF transmitter. With this version you only can bind your RadioMaster Zorro to ExpressLRS receivers like the Happymodel EP1 & HappyModel EP2 that we also sell in our shop.

ExpressLRS (ELRS) is an open-source project to power both open-source and closed-source hardware with the most progressive firmware ever seen till now. If you want to learn more about the ExpressLRS open-source project, check out the website from ExpressLRS.

Want to learn more about the RadioMaster Zorro or pre-order yours?

If you want to learn all ins and outs of the new RadioMaster Zorro, check out our product page.

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