RadioMaster Global just announced the new RadioMaster Zorro RC transmitter. The whole new RadioMaster Zorro is the newest gamepad style rc controller by RadioMaster featuring a build-in big size LCD display, 4 switches, two sliders, HALL gimbals, speaker and an external JR bay.

The RadioMaster Zorro is fully supported by OpenTX and EdgeTX. Setting up your models goes really easily thanks to the full metal roller for precise control in all the menus and a convenient and logical button layout.

The new RadioMaster Zorro will be available for pre-ordering at the end of January.

Express LRS (ELRS), 4 in 1 multimodule and CC2500 version

The Zorro will be available in multiple versions to suit your preferences. All versions will fully comply with CE and FCC.

  • Express LRS (ELRS) version. The internal RF module will fully support ELRS. ELRS is an awesome open-source High-performance Long Range Radio Control link that’s getting some serious traction lately. See for more information about ELRS.
  • 4-in-1 MultiModule version. The internal RF module will fully support MultiModule firmware and can be used with allmost all available rc protocols on the market. See for a full list of supported protocols.
  • CC2500 version. The internal RF module will feature a CC2500 RF module and will support FrSky D8/D16, Futaba S-FHSS, Corona, Hitec, Graupner HoTT and a few more.

There will also be a ELRS Starter set available that includes some ELRS receivers.

Powering options

The RadioMaster Zorro has a battery compartment for 18350 batteries. If that’s not enough for your powering requirements, you can use any external 2S powersupply. Strap attachement points make it easy to add the external battery to your Zorro.

Batteries can be balanced charged in the RadioMaster Zorro by attaching a USB-C cable to the transmitter. External chargers are not needed.

Other Important features

The Zorro has been designed to be as ergonomically as possible. Soft leather grips make this transmitter feeling great and gives extra grip on your zorro.

The HALL gimbals are fully adjustable from the outside. No need anymore to open your transmitter. Spring tension, Self-Centering behaviour and stick travel adjustment are easily user settable by only using a hex screwdriver.

There are different external mountingpoints available for diy use and future expansions.


The RadioMaster Zorro will be available for pre-ordering by the end of January 2022. We ship the RadioMaster Zorro trough whole Europe with quick delivery times and affordable shipping rates.

Buy yours at the official RadioMaster EU retail, service and repair center to get the best service. We offer both hardware and software after-sales support to all customers who bought their items at our www.RadioMasterRc.EU store!