RadioMaster Ranger ExpressLRS TX modules released

Today RadioMaster released their new RadioMaster Ranger TX module line for ExpressLRS!

Three different models of the 2.4GHz ExpressLRS modules are available that differs in form factor, functionality and module bay compatibility.

Every different model is available as stand alone or starter set. The starter sets combo’s includes the RP1 and RP2 ExpressLRS receivers for just a small increase in price.

The RadioMaster Ranger line-up is available in multiple versions to suit everyone’s need and rc transmitter.

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RadioMaster Ranger, Ranger Micro and Ranger Nano

There are multiple models available with different features and different form factors to suit everyone’s need and transmitter size.

RadioMaster Ranger Series

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RadioMaster Ranger
RadioMaster Ranger Micro
RadioMaster Ranger Nano

First batch is expected to be available in the first half of december.

RadioMaster Ranger

RadioMaster Ranger

The RadioMaster Ranger is the most extensive and feature rich ExpressLRS module in the line-up. This module is a full size module that fits JR connector bays and with the included adapter also fits Nano connectors.

The hardware is protected in a very sturdy CNC machined case to protect the hardware and give the tx module a great look.

Only this model features a OLED display and 5 direction navigation keys with customizable shortcut buttons. No need to always use LUA scripts to adjust settings, with this model you can also use the built-in menu visible on the OLED display.

Unique to this model is also the built-in accelerometer and the standard supplied Micro and Nano adapters so that you can use your RadioMaster Ranger in all available external module bays.

Included is also a Moxon and T-antenna + CRSF cable for compatible Futaba radios.

The module supports up to 1 Watt of power output, Wifi and Bluetooth support, Packet rates up to F-1000Hz and a high-efficiency cooling system.

Fully compatible with the RadioMaster TX12, TX16S and Zorro. Recommended for the most demanding pilots.

RadioMaster Ranger Micro

RadioMaster Ranger Micro

The Ranger Micro is the simpler version that fits to a standard JR module bay. This version doesn’t feature a rugged cnc case but an elegant plastic case, oled display or navigation keys. It’s only possible to set up this ExpressLRS module by using a LUA script on EdgeTX or OpenTX.

The module is capable of outputting up to 1 Watt of RF power and supports ExpressLRS packet rates up to F-1000Hz. The ELRS module has built-in wifi and bluetooth support and a highly efficient cooling system.

This model comes with a T-Antenna but a Moxon is seperately available.

Fully compatible with the TX12, TX16S or any transmitter with a full size 5pin JR module bay. A great bang for bucks option.

RadioMaster Ranger Nano

RadioMaster Ranger Nano

The Ranger Nano is specifically designed to work with Nano sized 8 pin module connectors like available on the RadioMaster Zorro. This module doesn’t future a large OLED screen or any menu buttons and is made specifically to be small as possible while still providing enough cooling to the hardware.

The nano module supports up to 1 watt of power output & ExpressLRS packet rates up to F-1000Hz. Wifi and Bluetooth is built-in and a T-antenna is included. A Moxon antenna is seperate available. The Nano features a highly efficient cooling system to provide the best possible cooling to the hardware.

The nano is fully compatible with the RadioMaster Zorro or with any transmitter that supports external 8pin Nano modules. Great choice for your RadioMaster Zorro.